"This book is more about living than about being brokenhearted. It's more about life than death, more about hope than heartache." - Paul O'Rear

About the Book

Ashley's Heart

Everyone has experienced – or will experience – the death of someone they love.

How do you go on living when it seems your heart will never be whole again?

How do you get back to a place where your life doesn’t feel completely broken and shattered?

Is that even possible?

And how do you help a friend who seems hopelessly adrift on the dark sea of grief?

In Living with a Broken Heart, Paul O’Rear offers hope to fellow grievers, and practical advice to those wanting to help someone who is grieving.

When his 14-year-old daughter Ashley died of cancer, Paul’s grief journey did not unfold quite like he thought it would. Nor did it align with other people’s expectations concerning how he should grieve.

He began taking notes about his experiences, and offers his insights in this book.

His prayer for you is that you will find peace in the midst of heartache, blessings in the midst of trials, and hope in the midst of despair; and that you will once again reclaim the joy of loving, and laughing, and living … with a broken heart.

Ashley O'Rear



What Others are Saying...

I’ve always been moved at how Paul can reach right into your chest and pull at your heartstrings. Both Paul and his poignant narrative will touch, comfort, and inspire anyone who has been through heartache.
Nikki Stone
Nikki Stone
Olympic Gold Medalist
Best-Selling Author
This book, and the story of Ashley, will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride while dealing with practical issues that everyone who has lost a loved one must face and deal with.
Darrell Scott
Darrell Scott
Founder, Rachel's Challenge
Best-Selling Author
Paul has the extraordinary talent to express his loss and his faith that sustains him in stories that speak to the wounded hearts of both mourners and their caregivers, giving them needed hope and support.
Larry Barber
Larry Barber, LPC-S, CT
Director, GriefWorks
Paul’s book is a blessing for those who have gone down the path no one would ever choose. It is also a gift to those of us who see their pain and suffering. It allows us to believe that parents will go on, with both sadness and eventually, joy.
Naomi Winick
Naomi Winick, M.D.
Pediatric Neuro-Oncologist
Lowe Foundation Professor
As Paul O’Rear tells of the beautiful life and passing of his daughter, Ashley, the emotions are real and raw. If you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, your heart will pound as your emotions are given permission to grieve. As someone who lost three family members within four months, I can say this book is a must read.
Alene Snodgrass
Alene Snodgrass
Paul O’Rear is a big man with a big heart. In this book, he reaches out with love and compassion to lift up people who are hurting because of the loss of a family member or a child. You will weep and you will rejoice. You will get angry and you will find peace. You will see complete hopelessness turned into unparalleled hope. This book will give you guidance that will strengthen your heart and uplift your soul.
Dean Kilmer
Dean Kilmer

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Chad Miller: "If you only read one book this year, it has to be Living With a Broken Heart. Such a raw and vulnerable story, you're sure to be moved to a better understanding of not only loss and grief, but of yourself."

Brian Little: "This book is not only worth reading, it will change your life."

Marvin Trice: "This book is a great read that will tug at your heart strings."

Denise Cosgrove: "Paul’s journey doesn't end in the trenches. His book will give you hope and equip you to find joy in the midst of pain and suffering. You will be blessed."

Latressa Robinson: "I smiled a lot and cried a lot. What a blessing this book will be to so many!"

Maridell Johanson: "Great book, well written. It will be an inspiration to everyone who reads it."

Margaret Deason: "The book has given me a different view on the subject of grief!"

Ashlea Williams: "Your book was amazing! It inspired me so much!"

Lisa Holsomback: "I know it is going to be a huge blessing to all who read it."

Monica Little: "I couldn't put it down."

Keith Foley: "Wow. Powerful stuff!"

John Dobbs: "Marvelous book. I cried through the first 75 pages. Beautifully written, with hope abundant."

Sherri Brown: "I was a counselor in elementary, junior high and high school. I wish I would have had this book back then. It should be on the reading list for those who want to become a counselor."

Sandra Taylor: "The best thing about the book is that it gives you permission to grieve in your own way and for however long it takes. It will help, I promise."

on Twitter

Michael Whitworth (@the10throcket): "When I grow up, I want to write like @paulorear."

on Amazon

Bon Bon: "A must-read for those journeying through grief. The author's honesty throughout the book is heart-wrenching, yet, also comforting."

Mary Erskine: "This book was wonderful! You will learn a lot from reading this book."

Amazon Customer: "If you do not know what to say to someone that has lost a loved one or how to respond to the grief that you may be experiencing yourself, then this is the book for you."

Wendy Myers: "This book is highly recommended to anyone who has lost or know someone who lost a child."

Vicki Jinks: "... great advice that can help anyone understand and support loved ones going through this kind of grief."

Dwayne A. Morris: "Written from the heart. You will not be disappointed with this book."

on GoodReads

Melissa Martin: "I cried and smiled so much through this book. This is a beautiful book."

Thia Beniash: "The perspective it is written from is raw and true, not clinical, which I truly enjoy and can relate to!"

Renette: "Just finished reading this book and it is excellent! Exactly how I felt."

via E-mail

Gary Mortensen: "This book is exceptional, emotional and informative. Paul's faith and Ashley's faith are an inspiration."

in the Media

Neal White, Waxahachie Daily Light: "It's a wonderful, wonderful book. It's uplifting. It's inspiring. It is a must for every library - and a great book to pass on to family members and friends."

Mark Davis, Radio Host of The Mark Davis Show: "This book has faith written all over it. It contains a lot of answers to practical questions. I was fascinated by the raw practicality of it."


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Paul O'Rear

About the Author

Paul O'Rear has spent most of his adult life in full-time ministry, currently serving the Brown Street Church of Christ in Waxahachie, Texas.

He is active as a volunteer in his community and in local schools. He is an avid writer, music lover, genealogy buff, and connoisseur of fine guacamole.

He and his wife Susan have a grown son, Ashley's younger brother, Justin.

For more information about Paul O'Rear, visit Paul O-Who?

Connect with Paul O'Rear:


Table of Contents

(Here's a sneak peek at what's inside the book)

Foreword by Nikki Stone
Chapter 1: An Angel Gets Her Wings
Chapter 2: Ashley’s Legacy
Chapter 3: Get Over It?
Chapter 4: Other People’s Expectations
Chapter 5: Grieve in Your Own Way
Chapter 6: Look For the Good
Chapter 7: Someone Else’s Grief
Chapter 8: Choose To Be Happy
Chapter 9: The God Factor
Chapter 10: Until Then
Chapter 11: Eight Years Later
Appendix: Songs To Grieve By

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Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay: The Rest of the Story

On pages 55-60 of the book, Paul talks about Ashley being selected to carry the Olympic torch in the days leading up to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ashley died a few weeks before she was scheduled to carry the torch, so Paul and Justin carried it in her honor. For the whole story, visit Paul's Torch Relay pages.

Pictured, left to right: Paul O'Rear, Susan O'Rear (holding a picture of Ashley), Justin O'Rear, and Mark Walker (U.S. Olympic Organizing Committee representative).


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Title: Living With a Broken Heart
Subtitle: Rediscovering Life after Loss
Author: Paul O'Rear
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Date Published: March 25, 2014
Retail Price: $14.99 US (Paperback)
ISBN-10: 1630631787
ISBN-13: 978-1-63063-178-9
Pages: 228 pages

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