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Ashley's Heart

There is a story behind the uniquely-shaped blue heart that appears on the front cover of the book Living With a Broken Heart.

Paul's daughter Ashley loved to draw and doodle. When she gave Paul a card for Father's Day in 2001 and drew a heart on the envelope to represent the word "love" in the phrase "I love you!", no one knew that it would be the last Father's Day card Ashley would give to her dad.

Ashley died a few months later in November 2001 of recurring cancer. She was fourteen years old.

The heart drawing took on even deeper meaning for Paul after Ashley's death, and he used it in one form or another on a couple of very special projects.

First, the heart shape figured prominently in the cover design for the CD containing the song that Paul wrote in Ashley's memory, entitled "Until Then." You can read the whole story behind that song on pages 192-205 of Paul's book.

Second, Paul asked the publisher to incorporate the heart shape somehow in the cover art for the book Living With a Broken Heart. The imagery is simple and powerful, showing Ashley's heart on a brown card, similar to the actual card on which the heart drawing was born (see below).