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Enjoy the following pictures and videos related to the content of Living With a Broken Heart.



Book Montage

Click the picture below to visit Paul's Flickr page featuring pictures of people, places, events, and things mentioned in the book. There are also full-color versions of the black and white pictures in the book.

Flickr Photo Page

Book Wall

Click the picture below to visit the Book Wall, a Flickr page devoted to photos of people holding or reading the book. To have your photo added to the Book Wall, send it to

Book Wall



Olympic Torch Press Conference

On pages 57-60 of the book, Paul describes the press conference which took place at Dallas City Hall on October 18, 2001. Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk announced the passing of the Olympic flame through Dallas, and introduced some of the torchbearers who would be carrying the torch through Dallas and Fort Worth. Ashley was one of those torchbearers.

One of the scheduled speakers failed to show, so Mayor Kirk invited Ashley to come to the front and tell her story. She was too weak to speak to the crowd herself, so Paul told her story briefly. Dallas Community Television was on hand to film the press conference, and they interviewed Ashley afterward. Ashley died about a month and a half after the press conference, and DCT put together this video for the O'Rear family in memory of Ashley.

Nikki Stone's Gold Medal Jump

In 1998, Nikki Stone became America’s first-ever Olympic Champion in the sport of inverted aerial skiing when she won the gold medal with the jump shown in the video below. When Nikki visited the O'Rear family in November 2001, she brought a copy of this video and played it for Ashley. Nikki wrote the Foreword to Living With a Broken Heart. Paul describes the details of Nikki's visit to Waxahachie, Texas, on pages 117-123 of the book.

"Until Then"

A few months after Ashley died, Paul wrote a song in her memory entitled, "Until Then." The video below shows pictures of Ashley throughout her life, with the song "Until Then" playing in the background. On pages 193-205 of Paul's book, he describes the process he went through in writing the song.

Video Book Trailer

Tate Publishing produced a 15-second video book trailer for use in promoting the book on national television.